The Tree Newt is on his perch!

Be afraid…be very afraid. The Tree Newt has found his perch. I’m here at the International Home Furnishings Market, bored out of my mind, and I was fiddling with my google account and thought: “Hey, why not start a blog?” No one will ever read this, save my brother and brother-in-law (and they only for the purpose of ragging on me), but I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I am so thankful that Amanda and Caroline were able to come up and stay with me during market. Otherwise, I think I’d have gone crazy. For those of you who have never exeperienced any type of trade “show”, let me tell you: it’s not as exciting as it sounds. It’s a bunch of people that would rather be somewhere else trying to get other people to buy things they really don’t need. YIPEEEE!! But, it pays my bills, and it allows me to spend time with Amanda and Caroline. That hasn’t always been the case. Before Caroline was born, Amanda had to work (by that I mean she had to work and get paid for it. Now she works harder for free!), so I was up here by my lonesome. Praise God they can come with me! I’ve got at least 4 more years of this before the little one starts school, so I’m going to enjoy every moment.

Speaking of Caroline, she got to go to her first Easter Egg hunt today. She wasn’t very impressed by the event, Amanda tells me. Seems she didn’t really get into crawling around looking for tiny pastel colored eggs. Why, I’m not sure, because at home she spends all her time exploring for the tiniest of particles on the floor, and then proceeding to put them in her mouth. The Egg hunt should have appealed to her, but it didn’t. Oh well…I’m kind of glad, because I couldn’t be there for it.
Ok…I’m running out of things to ramble about. That’s not a really frequent thing with me, but I’m tired, so enjoy the short post.
The Tree Newt is on the Perch!

16 thoughts on “The Tree Newt is on his perch!

  1. Kaylee, sorry: I deleted your comment. I’ve got to be the first one to post on raisin bran’s blog. I’m sure you’ll post hundreds of more times just today, so I’m sure you’ll be ok.

    Little brother has got a blog and he’s already kissing up to Amanda! I’d expect nothing less. I,along with the rest of our nutjob family are very thankful Caroline takes after her mother. And I’m glad they are up here too: you are quite a pill when they aren’t around.

    And I’m glad the first post was in the short end of the pool, not the deep: ’cause I know it’s coming.

    Get ready world for “deep thinking Matt: this is gonna be good.


  2. Hey Tree squirrel How could i not expect this to get interesting arounnd here with you guys around? It will especially get interesting when scott finds his way here:)


  3. All right Raisin Bran: i link you right away, and 8 hours later you still do not have little brother up.

    Tex, if you read this, you’ll notice you are still at the top of my list: I told Matt that even though he was my brother, you get top spot. I gotta look out for my big sis you know!


  4. By the way Grass roots: I don’t SUSPECT you are a tree hugger: I KNOW it.

    Quit trying to fool the people.

    I’m considering posting your website on YouTube by the way.

    Just thought you’d like to know.


  5. I enjoyed the squirrel photo & your first post (especially your respectful comments concerning SAHMs)! Was your Caroline named after “Sweet Caroline…”?


  6. Please tell me this is all a sick twisted joke! Trying to pull reverse mental games, if I call myself treenewt they will quite calling me treenewt!! By the time you write the perfect , verse chorus bridge chorus blog. I will be curled in the fetal position. FRIENDS don’t fall for this. You could have at least started yours with HI MY NAME IS NEWT AND I HAVE A PROBLEM! peace out mattie


  7. Oh good, now I’ve got both brothers blogging! I’ll never have to watch tv again. All my entertainment will be here on line. 🙂

    And Ted, please refrain from referring to our family as “nutjobs”. Not everyone has to know!


  8. Glad to see the whole family checked in! I couldn’t hang long enough to check in last night.

    Carol, my daughter isn’t named specifically after “Sweet Caroline”, but it is cool to sing it to her!

    And Bub, Ted and I are absolutely cracking up! Your first post was CLASSIC! You brought a little levity to our last, I repeat LAST, day at market.

    Tex, B-more is going to be CRAZY!!!


  9. And Carol, I wasn’t ignoring your comment about SAHMs…it’s early, and it took me a while to figure out what that stands for! My wife is AWESOME, and she loves being a SAHMs. (Ted wanted me to put in that his wife is also a SAHMs with 4 kids, when you count him). I am a blessed man.


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