What Are We Here For?

That’s the question on my mind this morning. Why? For what purpose? What is the reason for it all? Is there a reason?

And no, I’m not talking about why are we on earth…I’m talking about WHY ARE WE STUCK AT THIS FREAKING MARKET!!!! Ted and I have been here for 2 hours, and we have not seen ONE customer! I could be home with Amanda and Caroline, or at church, or out hugging a tree. But NOOOOOOOO, we have to come and waste precious minutes of our lives. It’s like prison, without the soap-on-a-rope. We haven’t seen the sun in a week! The Tree-Newt needs to see some foilage!!!! So I ask, what is the reason for it all?

24 thoughts on “What Are We Here For?

  1. Tree Squirrel is about to go rabid: I have just gone into shut down mode and keep mumbling under my breath “opening day is tomorrow, opening day is tomorrow, opening day is tomorrow”.


  2. Ok you two mickey mouse club rejects here is your answer. ” The kin folk said move away from there, Oklahoma is the place to be so they loaded up the truck and moved to OKC!!


  3. Bub, that is an all time classic! Do you have enough job openings at the flower palace for the two of them? Wait…that would leave me here all alone. Need a secretary? And a financial advisor?


  4. Where is this magic truck you are talking about? And I told you, East Coast affiliate: that way you are represented in 2 parts of the country.


  5. Thats a magic bus you are thinking about , the Who remember.Picture in your mind 10,000 bedroom suites spread out across a parking lot. Does that poor guy pay you up front or do you let him wait 6 8 10 months to pay. Thats our hurdle with a second location . Now if papa E wants to drop a few dimes to invest we might be in business.


  6. Mattie, you know its serious when I call you Mattie. I have your picture finished. Why don’t you get out your Green Lantern decoder ring and give me your new address. They do deliver mail don’t they? Or do you go into town to get a Nehi and get it then?


  7. It’s a RC Cola Scott: he goes to Cooters garage, which conincidentally is the same place he will recieve said picture.


  8. He won’t write poems with me around Tex: he knows I’ll bust his marbles out of principle! Besides, I’m jealous of the fact he is as intelligent as he is: Dog the Bounty Hunter is about as deep as I get.


  9. Does Newt know their is protocol to having a blog.Like you have to surface every 5hrs or we defragment his blog?


  10. Alright, I’m here. Against all common sense. It’s 12:27. We arrived in Benson around 5:30, and I immediately went to work on the house. It’s like I never left! I was hoping that little magic elves might have come and fixed everything while I was at market, but no such luck. I don’t think we’ll ever get in this house. I think I’ll be living with my in-laws forever.

    Hey, you don’t think that’s their plan, do you?

    As my unbalanced yet lovable brother said, “Opening day is tomorrow.” I’m sure I’ll be over at the house, nailing, caulking, or painting something. Maybe I can find it on the AM.

    Tree-Newt is climbing into his nest for the evening. Goodnight all.


  11. Unbalanced? What are you trying to imply? And it’s on ESPN so I’m sure it’ll be on the radio.

    Working on the money pit huh? God Speed little buddy.


  12. All right, unless you are like Tom Hanks in the “Money Pit” and stuck in the floor making paper airplanes out of dollar bills, would you please post a NEW BLOG?

    Dude, I need new material to bust your marbles on. This is getting old.


  13. Funny that you mention “The Money Pit,” as I was thinking about that yesterday. I feel like he did when the chimney fell down, just nodding away as more and more things don’t get fixed. Hopefully, we’ll be in there by this weekend. And hopefully, I can find time to post soon. Quit busting my marbles! I’m a busy man!


  14. Mattie, I keep looking for a new post, too. Surely there is some deep insight you have learned throughout this house renovation experience that you can share with us. How our lives are like home improvement? Don’t sell you house until you have another place to live? Anything? Bueller….Bueller…Anyone…?


  15. Matt, Im just giving up and calling you Matt. I know that was your plan. Stacy you have decided to venture out a little bit? THis blogg is getting to be dangerous territory! It Thing one Thing two came out here we would make a place for you too. Can you water?


  16. It’s kind of strange that people are actually waiting for me to expound on something. Aren’t you all the same people who dog me for talking too much? I guess at least in cyberspace, you don’t have to listen to my whiny voice, eh?

    Spigot, you got all those plants frozen yet?


  17. Scotty, I can water, but I usually quit about July or so. Sounds like I would fit into the plant-o-rama just fine.

    However, Thing One and Thing Two coming out is about as likely as snow in August. Ted barely leaves his house, much less the state. Plus Mattie is still working on the Money Pit, so he’s probably a no, too.

    Sounds like you’re stuck with me. πŸ™‚


  18. //Aren’t you all the same people who dog me for talking too much?//

    Tree Squirrel I doubt there is a human being on earth that talks more than me:)


  19. Kaylee, for once, we agree!

    Stacy, I leave the house every day. Under duress, yes, but nonetheless, I do leave. πŸ˜‰

    Corn Meal, you really are pitiful: will you get your priorities in order? We need a new post: Caroline and Amanda can stand the hostel for a few more days!


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