Deep thought

Ok, for all 2 of you who keep asking for the “deep thoughts” from my end of the pool, this is what’s been on my mind lately:

What do you delight in? I mean really, truly take deep joy in? I read in this in a book this week:

“The true dimensions of a soul are seen in its delights. Not what we dutifully will, but what we passionately want reaveals our excellence or evil.”

That really got me thinking. What do I delight in? Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Well, that’s kind of a play on words, isn’t it? Some people take that to mean, “Hey, if I pray and go to church and do good things, then God will give me what I want! SWEET!!!” Actually, it seems to mean that if God is our delight, our joy, then He will be the desire of our heart. If we delight in Him, if we find joy in Him, then we will have exactly what we desire.

Here’s my problem, though: I can’t honestly say I desire my God above all things. I mean, and I’m sad to say this, I get more excited from the Hurricanes scoring a big goal than I do at church. You may say, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, as a Christian, shouldn’t the fact that Jesus died for my sins so that I could have life abundant make me want to jump and shout all the more than the ‘Canes scoring a big goal? I say, Yes, it should. But most days, it doesn’t.

There are many things I delight in that I know are good, even gifts from above: my lovely wife, and the way her eyes dance when she’s happy; the look on her face when I surprise her; the touch of her hand against mine; or the sheer joy on my daughter’s face when I come home from work; or the way she laughs when we play peek-a-boo. And even the joy I get from the Canes winning is a good thing. But do I stop to think Who those delights came from in the first place? Most days, I don’t.

There are also many things I delight in that I’m ashamed of. I won’t go into that here…we all have our demons. I must admit to myself that I have taken delight in things that cause me and the ones I love nothing but pain. Why do we do these things? Why do we desire that which we know is wrong?

My heart wants to desire God and all He has given me above all, yet my humanity gets in the way.

So there ya go. Mattie’s version of the triple gainer off the high dive into the deep end.

44 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. ::hand flashing over head::

    Bro, you have taken “deep” to a new meaning. You know me, I’m doing good if I understand our phone calls.

    Seriously, don’t beat yourself up: I think what you are talking about is natural. I spend most days thinking about the kids and the Sox. I KNOW it should be more, but for the life of me can’t do it.

    I think someone who is devoted to the ministry or the priesthood can do that, but not a normal working class schlepper.

    But I commend you on the effort.

    Tex: your turn!


  2. Bro, do you realize that for most of history, there was no division between the sacred and the secular? That’s a modern invention, no doubt coined so that we’d all work a bit harder for the man!


  3. You know Matty before I even got to the Psalms reference I already thought of it. Despite what some may think they know about this gal…I recall being given that verse as a young adult by The Man above.

    My take on it all is if we delight ourselves in the Lord….what happens is His Delights become our delights. I don’t think it means we sit in the pews 24-7…I think it means something far deeper. Ya know I’m not sure if Jesus actually attended church…course HE WAS the Church….but He just mixed in the crowds making a difference. We can do that too. I haven’t found “that church” here in Austin yet….

    I wish I learned some of this when I was younger…but I delight in:
    watching kids play
    seeing birds on the lake
    the sunrise and set
    the wind blowing
    waves breaking
    the Sox winning
    my son smiling
    my entire family together
    making new friends
    listening to good live music
    surprising people
    My list could go on and on….but like Matt….some desires are left to myself.

    Why do we do the things we shouldn’t? We’re Human Matty…period plain and simple. We strive to do right and choose right…but fleshly desires set in…and well we choose self-serving things. We all do it….all I can say for that is to keep trying.

    I’ve worked in the criminal justice field for a long time….one thing I know that others may not realize is People Can Change…when they really want to. It’s not an easy path…but if they really want to…they can change.

    I have to tell you that up until about 5 years ago I didn’t delight in simple things….but I’m growing up and life changes you.


  4. Tex,
    You’ve been holding out on us!!! Where did that come from?!! You succeeded in getting one of your delights out of that, namely surprising me!

    Jesus said He came that we might have abundant life. He didn’t say that applied only to the hereafter. He said it applies to NOW. I think there are far too many people ho say there are Christians, yet have absolutely no joy in their hearts for the things God created. The way I look at it is: If I create something (a song, a piece of furniture, etc) I want people to take joy in what I’ve made. I think God is the same. He wants us to enjoy life, as long as we realize Who the source of that joy is.

    Texas, I’m in awe!


  5. Mattie, what have I been telling you about our Tex? Like she once said, she IS smarter than the average bear! Between you, Angie, and her, there may be hope for me yet!

    However, I’m pretty sure my life will continue to revolve around my family and the Red Sox!

    Tex, I’m glad you are here to help ol Ted out with Matt when he goes deep like Big Papi, ’cause I’m the Manny of this crew: clueless!


  6. Was is Paul who said that He Who began a good work in you is continuing that work until the day of completion? And that we grow from “glory to glory”? (don’t have the exact wording in front of me.)

    If we’re not where we will end up, and we aren’t where we started, we’re growing in Him, if we set our heart toward that goal.

    For me these days, it’s all about trust. Trusting that He really does love me like His Word says, that He really is with me all the time, that He really will take care of all my needs. I know it pleases Him when we trust, so that’s my challenge now.

    I also think there are lots of opportunities for us to honor God is our work. Our actions and values can bring honor to Him in any field, secular or sacred.

    Mattie, I know you have a heart that follows after God. He gave you the gifts you treasure, your wife and daughter, and your love and devotion to them is beautiful.


  7. Stacy,

    I agree with what you said, but my question in the blog was what do we delight in. That’s my issue right now, where I find delight.

    Teddy, glad to see you’re hanging with us in the deep end. Yes, I believe you are correct: if I had cable, I could in fact watch the game. Alas, I do not, yet.


  8. Mattie, I believe God gives us these things to delight in; to see glimpses of how much He loves us and how much He forgives us of, as well.

    I get your point about delighting in the Lord; it’s so easy to put other things first. I think we have to make an intentional effort to focus on Him and delight in his Word, put Him first. I definitely think it’s not easy.

    How’s Caroline? I got some cute photos yesterday when she was feeling better.


  9. ok i dont want to be a downer here…and this is not meant to be that.

    My 11 yr old nephew was killed 5 yrs ago this year in a snow skiing accident. Dustin was the one of the most devoted follower of jesus…he brought more people to Him than I could ever had dreamed in his short 11 yrs. He helped his dad(my bro in law) every Sunday morning in Childrens church. This kid lived it…breathed it…the best story I can tell ya is Dustin told his neighborhood buddies that if they continued to curse around him…they’d have to find others to play with…cos he wasn’t going to be associated with people who didnt talk like jesus…and that’s the truth!!

    Our family misses him…terribly…this happened months after 9-11…both of these incidents really catapulted me into another paradigm…another way of living. I know I fall short in going to church…but I try to seek Him in life every day.


  10. Okay I didnt understand half that post therefore I cant say much except for thank the lord for the bible.I dont read it very often but when I do I love it:-)


  11. Well its about time Mr deep thinker. You do know their are a few gramatical errors, but I don’t get hung up like SOME folks do!

    Nice little post not to deep for the first inning.No heater , no changeup.

    I kind of look at delight as depending upon God. So I delight in depending upon God. SO what is the delight of the heart of a good man? It is to know and love and live to God,to please him andto be pleased in him.

    So in that context we can enjoy a ball game or hockey goal. And also enjoy our spouse or childern.

    It then becomes our responsibility to moderate the amount of time good or bad that we spend on the things in our life.


  12. Nope: Kids get playtime with Dad, read to, bathed, put to bed, etc.

    Ang and I still talk, albeit with the game on, so I can honestly say, no. Nothing takes a back seat.

    And would you stop being honest and serious? It sorta creeps me out.


  13. so oatmeal tedy says i can only go in the deep end once a week, otherwise he’ll have to resort to 1st grade reading on kaylees blog.

    amazing how diff brothers can be…course…I have 2 sisters…and they are NOTHING like me. good thing


  14. Kaylee, TEX said that, not me.

    And Tex, what’s funny is we have alot of ways we are alike, and just as many differences. You’ll see in Bmore.

    Veggie Chip, where ARE you? Do I need to send the Natl Guard to rescue you and Horace? Check in every now and then!


  15. Kaylee you remind me of playdough, fun to play with for a while but nice to know we can put you back in the can when we are tired.


  16. Oatmeal here…had to go and collect nuts and berries for the family.

    Wow…I missed a lot!

    Tex, I’m sorry to hear that about your nephew. It is so hard for me to understand why things like that, and 9-11, happen. All I know is, we live in a fallen world that one day will be made right again. I live in the hope of that. And Tex, I know a lot of people who are in church every time the doors are open, yet have no clue what it is to love. Last time I checked, that’s what Jesus said would mark his disciples: love. I think you’re on the path, sista!

    Kaylee, I find something cool everytime I read the Bible, too! It’s awesome!

    Ted, I’m not even going to reply to you, except to say “marbles!”

    Bub, glad you finally checked in. You know you were a big influence on how I turned out, so that’s where the grammatical errors came from. Oh, and some good stuff too, like how to be a good dad.


  17. Well,

    Marbles right back atcha little brother!

    ::Glad we are out of the deep end for awhile. Head was starting to hurt::


  18. ok kaylee Im sorry for insinuating your blog was 1st grade reading material. I just was making a point that Ted has limitations of how deep his wading pools are.

    Matt we’ll just have to interpret our deep pool sessions for Ted.

    scotty…that was CLASSIC material on the putting kaylee in the playdoh can!!


  19. After visiting Matt last week, I know why he rarely surfaces these days. His list of projects to finish is a mile long. I’m amazed you had such deep thoughts from such a tired mind, Mattie. πŸ™‚

    By the way, don’t fix Caroline’s closet thing yet. Dad is coming with Mom on Friday and he acted like he could handle that one. Since you don’t have tv yet, I would advise getting an easy, no stress list for Dad to do. πŸ™‚


  20. Tex, we’ll be Marco to Ted’s Polo.

    Stacy, thanks for taking up for me! Not that it will do any good, and in all actuality it won’t do anything but cause TEd and Scott to dog me more, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

    And I hadn’t thought about what Dad will do if I have no TV! Maybe I could have him guest write a blog for me!!! HAAAAAAAA!


  21. Matt, If your Dad see’s the blog you can bet yours and Teds inheritance {whatever the sp} will go the Waffle house employees fund!


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