Home Sweet Home

I took all the tools, paint, and spare parts our of the kitchen tonight. We re-wired the dryer, and the control panel didn’t burst into flames, so it kind of feels like closure. Sure, there’s the closet in Baby C’s room, as well as some shoe molding left to go down, but all in all, the big stuff is done, and Tree Newt/ToolTime feels good about that.

This whole experience has taught me some things. First off, there is no way I’m ever flipping houses for a living. Forget our family being loony, those people are freaking nuts! Secondly, I’m mighty glad I do what I do for a living, and don’t have to pull electrical wire, hang sheet-rock, or crawl under houses to fix plumbing.

More than anything else, though, it has taught me that I don’t need everything I always thought I needed to survive. We went from a 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house with a garage and a sweet backyard to a 4 room (yes, room, not bedroom, room) house with 1 bath and no garage. About half of our belongings are in a 10 X 15 storage building a couple of miles from here. Not only that, but we spent the first 3 weeks after we sold our house living out of a suitcase with our parents. Talk about major life adjustment!

But as I thought about it, I realized that the fact that I live in a place with heat/air, running water, and indoor plumbing makes me one of the most fortunate people on the planet. There are plenty, even here in America…heck, probably right down the street, who don’t have all those necessities. And I was bummed at first because the washer and dryer have to be in the kitchen! At least there IS a kitchen!

I’ve realized that “stuff” and “things” aren’t really that important. Knowing my little girl is safe and warm, that’s important. Having another bathroom, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with having nice stuff, or having a big house with yard maintenance, or having a swimming pool (heee-heee)…can’t say I wouldn’t take them if I could get ’em…but I’ve realized that, while I always got on people who were materialistic, I’m right there with them. I was proud of my house, and my car, and my nice little neighborhood. Again, nothing wrong with that, but I was a hypocrite about it. Moving to this house, on this street, in this town…that’s changed my perspective a tad.

I hope it keeps changing it. I want my little girl to know that there are more important things than a nice house, or car, or the latest games, etc. I want to live in such a way that she realizes that people are what matter, that souls are the only things that will last for eternity, and that all the stuff in the world will never make you happy. I’m learning that myself, each day. I’m trying to not be consumed with “me.” St. Paul called it “dying daily.” I’m trying. God’s helping. And I’m trying to listen.

This was not meant as an indictment of anyone I know or have known. Please don’t take it as such. This is just what God is dealing with me about right now.

Grace and Peace,

The Tree Newt

12 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Oat Bran, you talking about me? With my home owners association, and community pool? Or our tree SELLING brother in law and his home owners association and his OWN pool?

    Just busting your marbles: I envy you: no mortgage, no nonsense. I love my house and all but I’m just a little jealous Tree hugger.

    Great post.


  2. Funny thing about grace and peace, When you don’t have the “stuff” you pray for those whose life is consumed with it. When you have the stuff you pray for those without any stuff. Since I am puting a cement pond in my backyard I wont take it personal. Since I know when you come out you will just yell from outside fro another frozen drink.

    Glad you can now relax and sit back in your lazyboy lawn chair.


  3. Nothing meant to be personal, boys. Sounds like you boys have guilty consciences to me!

    I had to throw in the references to your digs…couldn’t resist…but don’t think I’m not jealous. Of course, I kind of have my own yard service now…name PaPa Horace! He has pity on me and mows our little postage stamp of a yard. Of course, he may be expecting me to mow his yard…hadn’t thought about that. Oh well, don’t think I’m bringing THAT up!!!


  4. today’s generation coming up have this sense of entitlement…that they should have ALL those things their parents are buying them…so when they head out into the workforce…they dont get why they are starting at the top.

    Less IS More Matt….just dont make me take away my DirecTV 🙂


  5. Tex, I learned that less is more playing drums, and it most certainly applies to “stuff!”

    Bub, you sound like a man speaking from experience!


  6. Great post, Granola. So easy to get caught up in the “stuff”; reality sets in when we realize it all belongs to God; he’s just letting us use it.

    Glad to hear all your tools are out of the kitchen. I was cracking up at Caroline crawling past a hammer, caulking gun, etc. and not giving them a second glance.

    Tex, you’re right; kids want it all and want it now. I try to teach my kids that they will have to wait for things in life. Hope it’s sinking in.


  7. Stacy, what can I say? She’s her mother’s daughter. She’s not to interested in her dad’s tools and stuff. Paper and pens…that’s another story.


  8. ok this comment
    they dont get why they are starting at the top.

    was supposed to read

    they dont get why they are NOT starting at the top.

    anyway…long week in lubbock


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