For All My Many Fans

I’m writing this post simply because of the uproar that my readers…er…my family…have made because I haven’t been on lately. So, this is what you get. You can’t rush greatness! I can’t come up with a new post every day, like some bloggers-who-shall-remain-nameless (er…starts with a T and has the same last name as me). I’d like to think that’s because I write with such depth and integrity that I just won’t put anything up for the sake of posting. Alas, I know that’s not the case. Truth be known, I just like to sleep. My big bro, on the other hand, seems to enjoy late nights in front of the blue screen of death. Me, not so much. It’s 8:12, and I could go to sleep right now. I know, I know…that’s sad, and I’m going to get blasted with many salvos as a result of that comment, but hey! The truth is the truth.

I’m at a loss. There are many topics going in my head, but nothing is flushed out enough to write about with any clarity. So, instead of the deep-end, here are a couple of 3 foot deep thoughts:

I hate the Buffalo Sabres. I hope the Ottawa Senators destroy them in 4 games. That would make me smile.

Roger Clemens is a money-grubbing, no understanding of the word “team”, must be the center of attention blowhard. Of course, had he signed in Beantown, I would say he is the greatest thing to happen to the BoSox since ’04, but thanfully, we don’t have to talk about that.

Does anybody care about the NBA? How in the world can that crap garner better ratings than the NHL? I mean, seriously…give me a break.

Dancing with the Stars…errrrr….uhhhhhh….what?

And lastly, but defnitely not least: did you know that a mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pencil? I did not, but Amanda told me ’tis true. So, there ya go. Sleep good tonight, Jr.!

12 thoughts on “For All My Many Fans

  1. Ah: a post I can understand! It’s OK to go shallow every now and then, it clenses the soul corn muffin.

    To your points, if you hate the Sabres, so do I. I too share your disdain of the NBA, and found the mouse tidbit of interest as something to share with the hooligans tomorrow night.

    I’m currently eyeing a Ambien with trepidation, and am planning on asking Angie to stick a mirror under my nose every hour on the hour to make sure I’m breathing.

    At 9:45 24 time, I’m taking that sucker and hoping for the best.


  2. Dude, you KILL me! I love the mirror comment! Do you want me to call and make sure you’re sleepin about 1 am?


  3. Hi Rice Krispie Treats..:-)

    Thought I would check out your blog…pretty neat stuff-I like what you wrote about your daughter being your Opus…beautiful sentiment

    Agree completely on pretty much all you said…and I think I had heard that about mice before–did you know that cats will not do into a space that is narrower than their whiskers? That is the radar so they don’t get stuck..:-)

    Hope you are well

    Go Sox!


  4. I, too, think the NBA is a snooze…and no, I did not know about the mouse thing…and hope I don’t have to find out by personal experience. 🙂

    Thanks for the post…I’ll take what I can get!


  5. Little brother, you are gonna have to post more: it ain’t just the family anymore!

    Tex, Carol, Christine: they all are reading now too, you gotta represent!


  6. Tex, I agree. I’d take Beckett ANYDAY over big Rog. No doubt.

    Christine, thanks for stopping by! Ted has thrown the gauntlet down, and I guess I’ll have to “represent.” Whatever that means.

    Hey sis! I hope you don’t have to find out about the mouse thing either! Mom and Dad have it enough!


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