She’s Worth More Than Rubies

See that beautiful lady holding that sweet baby girl? That’s my wife!
Proverbs 31:10-12 says:
“Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; So he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil All the days of her life.”
Who can find one? I have. She’s too good for me, I don’t deserve her, she’s out of my league, I married up, I out punted my coverage when I married her, you name it, the cliche’ applies. And the craziest thing of all? I met her on a blind date! Do those EVER end well? Our’s did!
But you know what? I was thinking today that I’ve written blogs about my dog, my daughter, the news, etc…but I have yet to write a blog about my soul-mate, my best friend, my gift-from-above. I think, too often, I take for granted the one who means the most to me. I think the day-to-day stuff of life clouds my vision, and I fail to appreciate just what she means to me. Reading that chapter in Proverbs made me realize just how blessed I am.
Amanda has stood by me through some extremely tough times in our marraige, through things than many would have packed up and left during. She has supported me, even when she didn’t agree with me totally, and encouraged me during really tough times. She has been the personification of love to me, because she has given endlessly of herself, all to benefit me. Plus, she’s hot!
Why? What did I do to deserve her? Did I buy her some huge rock? Does she live in a castle? No. I have done NOTHING to deserve her. When I look at her, I get a glimpse of the grace of God. I can’t deserve her, but I can receive her love.
She’s given me nearly 9 years of marraige, one beautiful daughter, and a lifetime of memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Aside from Jesus, she means more to me than anything.
I love you, Amanda. Y.A.M.S.

And yes, I fully expect to get blasted without remorse by Ted and Scott for this post. But I’m a man. I can take it. Bring it on, boys.

23 thoughts on “She’s Worth More Than Rubies

  1. All I gotta say is PLEASE tell me you don’t try and play YAMS on your fiddle to Amanda. I wouldn’t want to revoke your Man card!


  2. Awwwwwwwww HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! I knew Matty was the sweeeter one of the three

    ::ducks and hides from Ted::

    If more men would feel like ya did about their wives…the world would be perfect.

    ps Amanda is a pretty lady Matt.


  3. Bub, I’m playing it right NOW!!!

    Thanks Tex. Glad to know I’m appreciated for being the sweet one. It’s true. I’m the romantic. (Cue Amanda’s hysterical laughter)


  4. You’re right, little brother; you most definitely hit the jackpot with Amanda. She is all the things you said and a wonderful mother, too.

    I’m glad you and Ted married so well; I have 2 special sisters here in addition to the two in Oklahoma.

    But what does YAMS stand for? Enquiring minds want to know. 🙂


  5. Oh, for Petes sake.

    I been posting about my wife for months now, and I come on here and read this?

    //Awwwwwwwww HOW SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! I knew Matty was the sweeeter one of the three //

    Texas, he’s just copying me again. Been that way his whole life. Jealous I tell you, jealous.

    Seriously Raisin Bran, you done good: you and me married up for sure. I’m not real sure how we got ’em: Well, other than my leading man good looks.

    You? I’m not really sure how you managed it. She’s a good woman to put up with you.


  6. now TED…I think YOU are the one who sounds jealous. 🙂
    Ive told you how impressed I am about how much you talk about your love for angie…so it aint like I hadnt said that before…I just had to throw in the “sweeter one” for giggles…it worked! Ted you are too dang easy to rile


  7. Boys I gotta tell you if I hear one more married up statement I am going to hurl! Give yourselfs a little credit. I think you are trying to pat your wives on the back BUT what you are saying is .WE were the slag on the bottom of the pond and their wings just got hung as they flew by!!!!


  8. Yep Bub, and you are lucky Corn Meal and I were so young when you married Sonj: you pull that stuff today and we’d take you out to a corn field like they did Joe Pesci in “Casino”

    Tex, you KNOW I had to say something!


  9. Hey Jr , word up SPELL your freaking sisters name right SONYA.If any thing you little toads were benefactors of my presence. You didn’t have a clue about how to attack wheat thin and get away with it until I gave you a little education!


  10. Are you kidding me? I was putting batteries in a glove and practicing my championship wrestling moves on Oatmeal WAY before you showed us the atomic chicken wing!


  11. I wonder what those ol’ sock fights would have looked like if we had been, oh…say 14 and 18? If I was full grown 6’0? You boys would have had to put D batteries in those gloves to take me out! I’d have had YOU boys in the “kissin’ bandits” hold!

    Bub, did I ever tell you I resurrected the “Electric Chicken Wing” on my two nephews? They eat it up. In fact, they kind of look at me as THE Electric Chicken Wing. Funny how things come back around.


  12. Mattress, you are making me howl! If they had camera cell phones back in the day I would have you and Jr forever at my mercy. If I had the famous Kissing Bandit move on record. That plus you jammin to Naughty Nikki.


  13. Don’t you remember him at 12 walking around with that einstein face and those glasses on with a wife beater tshirt and a s**eater grin cause he figured out out to operate the cassette player!


  14. Tex, I gotta say they’ll be playing hockey in Hades before you see Scott “I have the attention span of a toddler” start a blog.


  15. but Scotty has alot to say…not that it makes sense…but alot to say..and with all his alternative personas…COME ON Scottie Beam US UP!!


  16. I resemble all those comments, Bub! And I recall a certain Don Juan wannabe with a Clark Gable ‘stache and a Superman necklace hanging in his chest fur.

    Tex, PLEASE don’t encourage him!


  17. Yes Tex: Scotty wore a gold chain with the Superman logo on it:

    I’m proud to say that Raisin Bran and I broke it during a round of professional wrestling moves with Scott.

    Good times, Good times.


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