Poor Buffalo

The Buffalo Sabres are NOT going to win the Stanley Cup this year. That makes me smile. A Very big, pearly white smile. Why, you ask, do I feel like this? Let me explain. No, there is too much…let me sum up: their fans are absolute JERKS.

The Carolina Hurricanes (the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions!) played the Sabres in the Conference Finals last year, and I was fortunate enough to get to go to game 1. I had always liked the Sabres up to that point. I mean, who hasn’t had a soft spot for the long-suffering fans of EVERY sport in Buffalo? Well, my sympathy lasted about 30 seconds. Those (and I use “those” to encompass the 200 idiots, not the 3 nice fans that were there) people are absolutely obnoxious. They chant “OOOH! AHHH! Sabres on the warpath!” everytime they score, and believe me, that gets OLD.

Here’s a good example of how obnoxious they are: the guy that took me to the game is FROM upstate New York, and he told me he guaranteed I’d hate the Sabres by the end of the game. He was wrong. I hated them before the game even started. We had to hear about how we couldn’t even sell out our own barn for the conference finals, and how we don’t deserve a team, and blah, blah, blah…

Saturday, the Ottawa Senators eliminated the TOP SEEDED Sabres in 5 games.

Bottom line: my Hurricanes are Stanley Cup Champions.


They’re playing golf.


And I can deal with a long summer of no hockey in Canes Country for that simple reason.

8 thoughts on “Poor Buffalo

  1. They still playing hockey Mattie?

    I thought they were still in lockout. Seriously, glad the Sabres were eliminated, and you can gleefully celebrate another person(s) failings.

    Kind of like how we do whenever the Yankees lose, no?


  2. now tell me again about this stanley guy? and why do they win a cup instead of a trophy? I mean a cup seems so demure for such a game where they use their game tools to bash one another…I cant imagine what it’d be like if after our boys picked up their bats and slammed it across ARods face.

    Im just sayin……….


  3. Oh come on mellow fellow. All this I hate this team I hate that team. I think you are just trying to make jr feel normal.HAHAHA. I mean the Canes go from champs to chumps in one season. that can get your man card revoked.


  4. Bub, you can diss my boys all you want, but here’s the way I see it: The only other 2 teams to win the cup and then miss the playoffs were the Canadiens and the Devils, both multiple cup winners. We’re in good company.

    Oh Tex, where to begin…


  5. There are just some teams I dont mind watching play,and then there are the ones I cant stand, and that is where buffalo falls.


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