My, How Time Does Fly

See that picture? That was taken 365 days ago, at about the same time that I’m writing this blog. That was one of the most awesome days of my life! It feels like it was yesterday, and yet my little Caroline Ruth is going to be the big ‘One” tomorrow. I know, I know…all you “old people” will say “Just wait until she’s talking back to you!” Yeah, I know. But this is my blog, so let me revel in the sweetness of being the proud papa to a beautiful baby girl that has yet to learn the art of the smart mouth.

When I see that picture, it truly does seem like yesterday that we were at the hospital waiting for Caroline to make her grand entrance. Yet, on the other hand, after just one year, it’s hard to remember what life was like without her. Arriving at the moment pictured above was not easy. Amanda and I went through some really tough times (mostly to do with me, me, and me. Selfishness comes easy when you’re the baby of the family), and there was a time when we wondered if we would ever be able to have a baby. Our plan was to be married 5 years and then “BAM!” Kids! Well, God had a different plan, and it took nearly 8 years to flush out. We had to go through the absolute devastation of losing a child to miscarriage, which was a pain that I hope never to experience again. You never forget that pain…but that moment captured above sure seemed all the sweeter when it arrived!

It’s cliche’, but going through a valley makes you appreciate the view from the mountain all the more. We thought we were ready for a family, but evidently, God knew we weren’t. Through the pain of the loss of our first child, we were able to realize the absolute gift that life is that much more clearly. Not that we don’t take our sweet baby for granted sometimes, but sometimes, in the middle of the night when Caroline wakes up, and I grab her and rock her back to sleep in my arms, the awesomeness of the gift of that child just wells up inside me, and I’m filled with thanks to her Maker.

I think about how much she’s changed from then until now, and how she changes daily from the time I leave for work until I come home. Last year, I got to watch the Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup with my newborn baby girl in my arms…it doesn’t get much sweeter than that! The other night, I got to reminesce about that as she and I watched the Ducks win it over the Sens. No longer was she the docile infant asleep in my arms. No, she was the wiggle-worm trying to stave off sleep for a few more minutes! My, how time does fly. And one day, I’ll look back and remember those moments, fleeting as they were.

I am a blessed man. I look at that picture and realize that I don’t deserve my two girls, but I’m so thankful that God has blessed me with them both. And on this day, I’m thankful for all the days I’ve had from then til now, and I’m thankful for all the days God gives me with them from here on. I pray that I’ll be able to love them both, and care for them both, like I’m supposed to.

Happy 1st birthday, Caroline Ruth! Your daddy loves you!

28 thoughts on “My, How Time Does Fly

  1. Yea, Yea Yea. pass the cake please! NOW, dude lesser men have been shot for putting pictures of their wives before, during , after childbirth!! Tell little newt happy bday.


  2. Dude, your *** is grass for putting that picture on the Internets: she is gonna KILL you!

    I’m eating my fatback and trying to wrap my head around Caroline being a year old: seems like yesterday.

    BTW, be thankful for the girl: Trot hit Rakes over the head with a toy car today, then Rakes gave him the old Russian leg sweep as retaliation.

    I’m just sayin’.


  3. That is all up to interpretation little brother.

    You: fine. Me? I’ll let my fate rest in the hands of the jury, your honor.


  4. AWWWW caroline looks so cute in that photo.I wont talk about how you look in it:)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CAROLINE!(even though she wont even know it). GIRLS are so much better than boys!


  5. A sweet post/photo – Is that a Red Sox shirt?, and does Carolina Hurricanes = Caroline?

    Also, Caroline is turning one a month before my D turns two. Wait until you see how great one to two is! Happy 1st Birthday Caroline!


  6. Just don’t let Amanda see the picture, and you’ll be ok. (Although she looks great!) Can’t believe Miss Caroline is one; it really does fly.

    I don’t think the two of you could hold a candle to the antics of Rakes and Trot. Angie is a very patient woman.

    Oh, and Mr. High Blood Pressure, what in the WORLD are you doing eating fatback? Hello? Heart disease sort of runs in our family.

    I’m just sayin’.


  7. Yes Carol, that is a Red Sox shirt, and, believe it or not, Caroline was picked long before the Canes won the Cup…by my wife! It was just very cool when they won it right after she was born!


  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I probably am much older than you (41) but I have a one-year-old as well. She is the light of my life.

    I could give great advice or not… smiles… but my olderst is 21, then 19, then 5, and my youngest 1 …. do I seem old now….smirk.

    enjoy her, children are the best gifts.


  9. Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww Mattie…how sweeeeeeeeeeet! Again πŸ™‚

    Ted you should be just like him :-p

    i cant believe she let you put her hospital pic on here!!


  10. Tex, she didn’t let him:

    She doesn’t KNOW he did it: that’s why I told him she was going to kill him.

    Tex, have you ever seen me put a picture of my wife, right after giving birth, on the internet?

    Corn Muffin is sleeping with Rusty for a month when she find this out.


  11. Just to clarify, Amanda DOES know about the pic, but she’s cool with it, Jr. It’s a moment in time, and we are as we are, for better, for worse. See, when you do things like this in the context of something sweet, it goes over much better, as opposed to using that picture for “less noble” purposes.

    Inside, you’re not old. I’ll be there soon enough. Now, those age differences…whew! At least you’ve got help with the little ones! Kids are a total blessing, and we hope to have more!

    Thanks Tex! Keep on Ted, and we just might make a southern gentleman out of him yet!


  12. Just to clarify, Amanda DOES know about the pic, but she’s cool with it.

    Yea right, “roll over rusty your hogging the covers”!


  13. I’m with Bub on this sunflower seed: NO woman is OK with a picture of them right after giving birth.

    Me thinks you are lying.


  14. OK…times up. We need a new post about the spectactular celebration of Miss Caroline’s birthday.

    You can take your computer out back and blog while you and Rusty spend quality time together. πŸ™‚


  15. Scottie, Angie came about a month ago and picked up the dog house; I think Ted would have left it forever.

    And no, Keith never had to sleep in the doghouse. Came close a few times, though. πŸ™‚


  16. OK corn meal: this is getting ridiculous: you have ONE child, I have 3. You have WAY more free time than me: how is it I can crank out a new post, yet you are like ol’ whatshisface and can only do one blog per 6 years?

    Come on now: tomorrow will be a week since my little niece’s birthday, and I’VE done a post on it, and you are still showing a picture from a year ago?

    I’m now convinced you were adopted.


  17. Happy Father’s Day, little brother #2!

    Ted’s right; you could at least slap up a picture from the party and say a few words. πŸ™‚


  18. //Blogging does not cause your electric bill to be any higher than just looking at your computer!!//

    Scott:UMMM Thats not completely true cause If your computer is turned off and you look at it. It costs nothing,If your blogging than its on,therefore you are using electricity and you have to pay for the electricity you use.:)


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