Sweet Spot Part Deux

I did a post a while back about finding your sweet spot, and that’s been something that’s been churning in my head ever since. I told Amanda I must be going through a pre-midlife crisis. Then, after thinking about it, I’ve been feeling like this for a long time. There is a part of me, deep down, that yearns to do more in this life than I am. To do more each day than try to sell a piece of furniture, to do something that will endure.

Let me say, before I get blasted for this: I’m not downing what I or anyone else do for a living. I’m fully aware that we can have a “day job” and have a vital impact on those around us. And I’m thankful for those that do. But what about me and those like me (of whom I think there are many) that long for more? Why can’t I do something that provides for my family AND leaves me with a sense of having made the world a little bit better each day? Are the two things mutually exclusive? Or am I just a dreamer?

I was listening to Andrew Osenga’s new FREE EP (go here to download: http://www.andrewosenga.com/blog/letters-to-the-editor-vol-1/ Did I mention it’s FREE?)

This is the bridge of the very last song:

“One day I believe I will open up my eyes
Just to see the good work that was begun
And I’ll be the one thing I’ve ever wanted to be
And I’ll know that I belong

Swing wide the glimmering gates”
-Andrew Osenga

I think he knows where I’m coming from. He references Philippians 1:6: “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete [it] until the day of Jesus Christ”. I think that the things I yearn for are the yearnings for the things Christ has begun in me…things that He is working in me and through me….things that He will continue to do until I enter the “glimmering gates.”

Our Pastor said today that he’s sat by the death bed of a lot of people in his years in ministry, and never once has he heard someone say, “You know, I think I served Jesus too much.” What he HAS heard is “I wish I had done more for Jesus. I wish I had told more people about Him. I wished I had helped more people.”

I want to find my sweet spot, and I want to live life to the fullest for Christ, for all He’s done for me, and I want to do it everyday.

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