Happy Birthday, USA!

July 4th, 1776, that little piece of paper was signed, and our little country was born. It is utterly astounding to me that we succeeded. 13 tiny colonies, united only by a desire to be free, turned back the lone “superpower” of the time, Great Britain, and won their freedom.
Can you imagine the courage it took to sign that thing? Can you imagine what must have gone through the heads of the signers as they put their…er…”John Hancocks” on the page? They were committing high treason! If they were captured, they would be shot!
I read their words for the first time in years just now, and was blown away by their conviction and candor. They saw a situation that was wrong, and were willing to stake their lives on the long odds to make it right. 57 men who believed they could make a difference, and what a difference they did make!
I write this from my home in one of those original 13 colonies. I write this at a time when our troops are stationed overseas, fighting a war against a group of people very much opposed to our way of life. I write it 231 years into this experiment in democracy we call the United States of America.
I write it as a man who is very proud, and very thankful, to be an American.
God bless our troops, and God bless America.

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