9 Years

9 years ago, something amazing happened to me. That beautiful woman in that picture said “I do” to the question of whether or not she took me as her wedded husband. 9 years ago this very day. It’s crazy how fast those years have flown by.

9 years ago, we said we’d stay together, for better, for worse, and we have. Amanda has stood by me through some tough times. She has been the epitome of grace in my life: giving me love when I absolutely did not deserve it.
For 9 years we have shared our lives together these. All our successes, all our failures, all our triumphs, all our struggles.
9 years ago, I never imagined I could love her like I do today.
9 years ago, I never imagined she’d love me like she does each day.
9 years ago, I never dreamed she’d give me such a beautiful baby girl, or that she’d become such a great mom to my daughter.
I could not have dreamed of a better wife, of a better life. We’ve had hard times, but we’ve had some amazing times, too. And all of them, good and bad, have made us who we are. I would not trade any of them for any amount of money.

Thank you, Amanda, for 9 years of marriage. I love you, and I love being married to you. You are, and will always be, my sunshine.

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