The Eagle Has Landed

I know you guys can’t see me, but I’m dancing a jig right now. I’m writing this from our mountain retreat. I am so happy…if you could see me, you’d know. Really, right now, I’m cutting the rug in between keystrokes. Remember John Belushi doing cartwheels down the aisle of the church in Blues Brothers? That’s me.

It took 2 hours longer than it should have to get here, thanks to a lemon truck overturning coming up Black Mountain. Yeah, for those who have traveled that little stretch of I-40, just imagine: truck was coming down the mountain, hit the concrete barrier in between the lanes, and dumped his load of lemons all over westbound 40. It was quite the experience. But, when life give you lemons, you know what you do…

Our house is probably the nicest one we’ve had in the 9 years I’ve been making this yearly excursion. The house is 3 stories (2 up, and a basement). We’re on the second floor, and baby C has her own little nook in our room that is perfect for her port-a-crib. We’ve got a huge family room and kitchen (which is good, because that’s kind of where we congregate for, well…food, obviously, and late night Rook games). My brother-in-law and his brood have the basement all to themselves, and his 2 boys couldn’t be happier. You wouldn’t think 13 people could comfortably share a house, but I think this will be pretty smooth.

I haven’t got to go to my favorite perch yet. That will be in the morning. I usually get up early and head up to my favorite spot for a little quiet time. I don’t know how that will work this year, with baby C and all, but we’ll see. I’ll carve out some time, one way or another. Amanda is awesome about helping me do that. I guess she sees the results in me as worth it!

Well, this was probably the least-exciting post I’ve ever written, but what do you expect from a guy that spent all day in a car?

The eagle has landed, and he is G-L-A-D!

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