Sweet Spot Check Up

I’m not the posting machine that my older, grayer, grumpier brother is, so here is my weekly update:

I’ve written a few blogs on finding our “sweet spot”, that place where everything seems to click and we know we’re doing what we were put here to do. It should really be plural, I guess, because I think there are multiple “spots” for all of us.

Anyway, you all know I’ve been searching and praying for some time that God would show me what I’m supposed to do. I’ve barked up more than a few wrong trees, and He has let me know that. I’ve tried to “force the wedge” (archaic Trivial Pursuit reference, just for good ol’ Bub), and thought I was heading in the right direction, only to find a door shut in my face. The biggest one happened a few months ago. I went to a job fair for teaching positions, felt really good about it, only to find out that there are hundreds of guys in our state with the same credentials as mine, and not enough jobs to go around. That was tough. I really thought I was on the right track that time. I wanted to work with kids, to make a difference, and I really thought that was the place God wanted me.

At that point, Amanda and I both felt God was telling us to wait on Him, which is not always the easiest thing to do. It seemed that everywhere we turned, there was a Scripture, teaching, or song about waiting on the Lord, or being patient. I didn’t want to hear that. I wanted action right then! That’s kind of how I’ve always been, which is not a good thing.

Well, the waiting may very well be over. Last Friday, I was asked to help the worship leader from our church out at a local Christian school. We led the middle school and high school kids in worship before their chapel. It was an amazing time! Seeing young kids praising their Maker, with hands lifted high, and being allowed to have a part in that is a very humbling experience. On the flip side, there was a great number of kids who literally seemed to just be going through the motions, who looked just like I looked in High School: disinterested. I didn’t expect that in a Christian school. Maybe I’m naieve, but I just didn’t.

Afterwards, the assisitant principal began to share with us his desire to have someone come in every week and lead the kids in worship, to develop a relationship with them and help them grow. We get to talking, and he tells me to pray about it. Well, he e-mailed me today and asked that I come in tomorrow to lead worship and talk with him afterwards about taking the position!

Amanda’s response was so perfect: “Isn’t that just like God? You wanted to work with kids, and He opens a door for you to do that, and to do it using music!” My answer: yes it is! I never, in a million years, imagined this!

So tomorrow morning, I will get the distinct honor of leading a couple of hundred kids in songs of praise to God! That, my friends, is as sweet as it gets!

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His word I do hope. My soul waits for the Lord, more than watchmen who watch for the morning.” Psalm 130:6

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