Why Do We Blog?

Well, I’m posting just to post, which is really sad, but I’m doing it anyway. Why do we write these things? I’m sure there are some who just write to fill up a page, or to fill up a hole in their lives, or to feel important, or to feel valued. I guess, truth be told, I write because I feel like I’ve got something to say that matters. I think I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but deep down, I know I don’t have the stuff. Shoot, I probably just described over half the blogging community!

We post about everything: family, friends, sports, God, religion, entertainment, our days, our hurts, our likes, our dislikes, etc. I guess it started with cave drawings, moved on to papyrus scrolls, then newsprint, and now cyberspace. We all have something to say, and never before has it been so easy to say it. And, I think deeper down, in this world that has become increasingly more technological, and increasingly more isolationistic, we need to feel like we belong. We need community. For many of us, this may be the only community we know. For some, it may be the only community they care to know! But human contact is vital to us all, even if it’s just words on a screen. We need to feel loved, to feel liked, to feel like we matter somehow.

So we blog. And we post. We make jokes. We laugh. We get serious and talk about “deep” things. Why do we do it? To create community, no matter how big, or how small. We do it to share what we go through each day with others in the hopes that they, too, are going through the same thing.

I saw my brother get to meet some of his community this weekend, and it was pretty darn cool. All these people, from all over the country, brought together by the great American pastime. Yet, just like on these blogs of ours, that common thread served as a backdrop to sharing life, to belonging, to being a part of something. It was cool to behold.

So you know what I’m going to do now? I’m going to turn this thing off and go talk to my wife. Bye, bye community o’ bloggers!

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