What Are You Standing On?

Tonight at church we studied one of the most awesome verses in the Bible. It’s from Habakkuk 2:4:

“Behold the proud, his soul is not upright in him; but the just shall live by faith.”

We talked about how Habakkuk was given this truth to hang onto after God had revealed to him that Judah was going to go through a major time of trial and destruction. In the midst of everything that he knew and took for granted being pulled out from under him, Habakkuk was told to live by faith.

God was telling Habakkuk to put his trust in God, not man. He was to trust in the Lord to deliver him, not the army of his country. He was to stand on the promises in God’s Word, and not the shifting sands of the world around him.

It got me thinking: do I live by faith? I mean, I’ve put my faith in Christ to save me, to deliver me from the punishment that I deserve for my sins. But, day by day, do I live by faith? Do I stand upon the Rock that is Christ? Or am I trusting in my job? My money? My intelligence? Other people? At the beginning of each day, when I roll out of bed, am I putting my trust in Him?

What about you? What are you standing on?

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