It’s All Downhill Now

We’re short-timing now. Only a few hours of this exercise in futility left to endure. All in all, it hasn’t been that bad. Amanda and Baby C have been up with me all week. Nanny and Poppy have absolutely loved getting to spoil the little one every day. Business was a lot better than we expected, praise God! All in all, not too bad.

Observations on the week:

  • Although I’m 5 times busier during a regular week at home, nothing sucks the life out of me like the market. Unless you’ve ever been through a trade show, words cannot describe how worn out this makes you. And the fact that it steals 2 weekends from you doesn’t help that at all. I need a vacation.
  • My brother is a much more pleasant person to be around when the Red Sox win the night before. Add the joy of seeing the Yankees get smacked on top, and you’ve got a recipe for the ever-elusive Joyous Ted. It’s quite a site to behold.
  • In case you missed it, hockey season has begun. I know…most of you could care less, but it puts a little kick in my step to see the Canes back on the ice. I may have to take Baby C to her first game this year, while she can still get in free. After that, business is going to have to pick up for me to be able to afford it!
  • Back to the Red Sox for a minute: if you didn’t see the video of Manny Ramirez hitting the homer last night, go watch this: I’ve watched that multiple times this morning, and it doesn’t get old. Manny is the epitome’ of pure joy. Clueless joy, but joy nonetheless.

Even though Ted is sitting beside me, reading this over my shoulder, I have to go where he hopes I won’t, just in closing:

I can’t wait to be at church tomorrow with my family. It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been there, and longer than that since I’ve actually gotten to go with them. I’m not playing guitar tomorrow, so we’re sleeping in and driving up together. That is a blessing like you wouldn’t believe.

As I write that, I honestly can’t believe how blessed I am. Beautiful wife, beautiful baby girl, great family, good job, and salvation underserved. Wow.

Plus, I’ve gotten to spend the last 9 days with my big bro. Pretty cool.

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