Sad Stats

I was going to write today about Manny’s comments about it not mattering if the Sox won or lost tonight, that there is always next year (a comment that I agree with, though many in RSN went to defcon 5 on this Mannyism), but I heard some statistics that are just so freaking sad, I have to comment. These statistics came from a teaching given by Eric Simmons at the New Attitude 2007 Conference.

  • In the U.S.A., only 50% of Christians believe that the Bible is the Word of God, that it is the source of Truth and morality.
  • Only 37% of Christians read their Bibles daily, and their average is 8 minutes a day.
  • Americans as a whole spend, on average, 9 1/2 hours a day watching TV, going to a movie, listening to music, or surfing the Net.

Do those numbers sadden you like they do me?

First of all, the fact that only 50% of Christians believe the Bible to be the source of all Truth is such a travesty. Why do they bother calling themselves Christians? What’s the point? As Paul said: if Christ is not risen, our faith is futile (1 Cor. 15:17). If we don’t believe the Word of God, why go through the motions?

Second, the fact that we spend the amount of time we do in the media of this world and so little time in the Word is sad and convicting, because many days, that’s me. I can find time for the sports page. I can find time for “The Office.” I can find time for whatever book I’m reading. But what are those things compared to the living and active Word of God? Only the Bible can give life. Only those words that are “inspired” (God-breathed) can sustain me.

And, as if I need to point this out: do you not think the moral state of our country and the church has a direct correlation to our lack of beleif in the Bible, and our lack of time spent between it’s pages?

Let’s turn off, tune out, and repent.

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