The Post You Never Thought You’d See

This one’s for Ted.

I was reading the Sports section of our local rag at lunch today, and the coverage of Arod returning to the Yankees with his tail between his legs really struck me. Would you like to know why? Sure you would.

Because my initial reaction was: what a weasel! What a spin doctor! You expect us to believe that you’re back at the Yankees’ door because you WANT to play for them?!! Sure!! That you wanted to give the Yankees first choice before you talked to the other teams? Right! Putz!

That was my initial response. Then my conscience kicked in. Ted, you may quit reading at this point.

I was sitting there eating and reading, and I glanced up and saw the picture of Arod, and it hit me that he’s human, just like me. I was struck by my feelings of disdain and, if I’m truthful, hatred for the man, a man I don’t even know. I thought for a second how it must feel to be loathed by so many people, to be continually put down and scrutinized for your job performance, to be made a spectacle nationwide every day of your life. I thought how I would feel if my wife had to heard the stuff his wife has to hear.

Yeah, he’s paid much more than he’s worth. Yeah, he brings a lot of this on himself. I know he’s a professional athelete, and therefore subject to the kind of crap we all throw at them. But you know, I’m supposed to live my life like Jesus. And my reaction to Arod is NOT Christ-like. I know, I’ll never ever meet the guy, but Jesus said that what I feel in my heart is as bad as what I do with my hands and feet.

The problem with thinking like I’ve thought about Arod is that it de-humanizes people. And that’s something that gets easier and easier to do with each day. He’s not the only one I do that with. The guy on the freeway that cuts me off. The elderly man in line ahead of me at Wendy’s. The list could go on. How often do we see ourselves as better than another, when we’re the same as they are: sinners in need of a Savior.

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