The Simple Things

There were a few things I realized tonight:

1a.  My daughter is a daddy’s girl.  And I love it.  Having her run to me, with arms outstretched while saying “Daddy!  Daddy!!”  Well, there’s just not anything else quite like it.
1b.  I am blessed with a beautiful, wonderful, talented wife that loves me very, very much.  This is not second to 1a, just happened to get typed in this position.  I’ve said it before, but I’m not sure why the Lord gave her to me, but I’m so very glad He did.
2.  My mom is an amazingly strong lady.  She is staring a very scary illness in the face with resolve and outlook that just blows me away.  She’s knows Who is in control, and she is trusting Him.  I’ve never been more proud of my mom.
3.  I have a dad that is still in love with his wife, over 50 years after they were married.  You can see the love he has for my mom in his eyes.  Seeing how hard mom’s illness has affected him has really touched me.  Not that there was any doubt, but you know he meant the “for better or worse” part.
4.  I’ve also got some pretty cool nieces and nephews, all the way from 22 years to 22 months.  Seeing my little girl play with them just makes me smile.  It also makes me realize how time marches on.  I used to be the little kid that mom and dad watched play at grandma’s house.  Now, they’re the grandparents, I’m the parent, and…well, you get the picture.  These get-togethers are life in reverse, in some ways.
5.  God is good.  Very good.  That He would bless a sinner like me with these precious gifts…I can’t begin to thank Him enough.

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