Living Life Near the End of All Things

I had a friend of mine hit me with a doozy of an e-mail this morning.  This is a brother whom I admire greatly for his love for Jesus and willingness to share the Gospel with anyone who will listen.  He sent me an e-mail that, for all intents and purposes, said he knew when Jesus would return.  He believes, based on his own interpretation of Scripture, that the Lord is coming back next spring.   

Not the sort of thing I’m used to getting in my e-mail as I’m walking out the door on a Tuesday morning.  Kind of weighs on you for a bit, you know?
Anyway, I chewed on this all day.  First off, let me say that I believe Jesus could come back next spring.  But He could also come back before I finish this blog, or before I go to sleep tonight.  Or He might not come back for 10 years, or 20.  I think the Lord was fairly clear about this when He said “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heave, but My Father knows” in Matthew 24.  That, to me, is pretty clear.
I remember in 1988, there was a guy that claimed he knew Jesus was coming back on 8/8/88.  That morning, I sat in band class as my teacher said, “Well, either you are all a bunch of heathens, or that guy was wrong.  Either way, page 2…begin!”  Point being:  the guy was wrong.  A pastor I respect, Chuck Smith, also predicted Christ’s return in 1981…obviously, he was wrong.  
I think the Lord said the things He said in regards to not knowing for one simple reason:  that we would live each moment as if He was coming back right then.  That we would not say “Well, I’ve got 4 more years to live it up, then I’ll get right before Jesus comes back on 11/11/11.”  A friend of mine said “Live as if Jesus was coming back tonight, but plan as if you’ll live to see your grandchildren.”  I think that is great advice.  
I e-mailed my friend back a response similar to what I wrote here tonight.  I told him I respect him and admire his love for the Lord, but I also told him I believe he’s wrong.  Finally, I told him, what does it matter?  Are you going to live any differently?  If so, the fact that He could retur
Had you going for a minute, didn’t I?  
Live your life like Jesus is coming to take His church home tonight.  And if you don’t know Him, please, get to know Him before you go to bed.  He’s right there.  He’s waiting for you to seek Him.  And He promises us that all who seek Him will find Him.  (Jer.  29:13)  And then, live for Him.  Every moment, every day.

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