Come Lord Jesus

Tonight I went to the wake of a man who was far too young to die.  He was in his mid-fifties, and he left behind 4 beautiful daughters, the oldest about to graduate college.  He was loved by many, and left quite a legacy in those 4 girls.  

As I stood in line waiting to greet his family, I struggled to come up with the words to say.  Here was a man who gave so much back to this world.  He was a devoted husband and father, a pillar in the community, active in his church…
I stood there with a mind full of questions, and my only answer is the only answer there can be:  God is sovereign, and His will is perfect.  
That leaves little consolation in the here and now for those of us down here who can’t see beyond the veil.  My friend understands now; he’s in the presence of the One Who authored his life.  But those of us left behind struggle to come to grips with the hows and the whys of this fallen world.
And that, in itself, is an answer:  this fallen world.  This is not the end.  This is not the way things will be forever.  Creation (and all that is in it) is subject to futility until the Lord returns.  The Lord is gracious, and He stands by and waits, offering grace for a little while longer.  
But one day, He will return.  One day, He will put an end to death, Hell, and the grave forever, a foregone conclusion thanks to His death on the cross and resurrection from that death.  
One day.
So I say “Amen!  Come quickly Lord Jesus.”

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