Season’s Greetings Part Deux

I had to do a little last-minute Christmas shopping today, as well as run a few errands.  Interestingly, everywhere I went I was not met with “Happy Holidays” or any of the “pc” greetings.  Instead, I was given a “Merry Christmas” as I left each place.  One of those places happened to be a federal…gasp…establishment!  Even at Wal-Mart, the perfect example of all-that-is-wrong-with-the-world, I was told “Have a blessed day, and merry Christmas!”

All is not lost.
Now, I know I live in Mayberry, but it showed me that there are people who are still holding to some of the old things.  I’m also aware that just because someone says “Merry Christmas” they’re not necessarily espousing a belief that the Son of God came down to earth to become a baby, that He might grow up in our humanity and, sacrificing Himself, save us all.  In fact, it hit me while in Wally World that many of the hundreds of people I saw today would pass this night without giving so much as a thought to what Christmas is all about.  Amidst the glitter and the lights and the toys and all the commercialism, a greeting of “Merry Christmas” doesn’t necessarily mean they will give Jesus so much as a second’s thought.
But they might.
And that gives me hope.  
So tonight, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.  I pray that the Lord Jesus, Who left heaven above to be born in a stable, be born anew in your hearts tonight.  I pray that you realize, as cliche’ as it is, that He is the reason for this season.  

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