Disclaimer:  if any of you reading this work for a health insurance company, specifically Blue Cross Blue Shield, forgive me.

My little girl is 18 months old, and changing every day.  My wife and I would like to have another baby, and intended to add maternity coverage to our health insurance for the coming year.  BCBS informed me that I could add beginning November 1st.  They failed to communicate effectively that I had to complete this process by November 30th.  Today I found out that we missed the cut-off date, and now must wait another year to get coverage.
Or, we can cancel our current plan and re-enroll.  But if it takes longer than 63 days to get new coverage, anything that happened in the last 12 months will not be covered.  Which means Caroline’s little trip to the hospital a few weeks ago might not be covered.  
So, since BCBS doesn’t seem to want our business after 9 years, I thought I’d check out other plans.  Upon applying for an online quote, I got a call from a guy explaining that pretty much every insurance company is going to have a 12 month waiting period before we can get pregnant.
This may well be the only industry in America that cares absolutely nothing about customer service.  If I handled my accounts this way, I’d be out of a job.  It’s a joke.  Plus, add to this the fact that if Amanda was unmarried, got pregnant, and went to the hospital to have the baby, it would be covered.  
I’m a tad miffed right now, if you can’t tell.  
Any suggestions?

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