The Last Night

This was the last night.  

Tonight Jesus would share His last Passover meal with His friends.  
Tonight, He would forever change the Passover as He changed the tradition.  
Tonight, He told the disciples that the bread they eat was His body, and the wine they drank was His blood.  
Tonight would begin Jesus’ fulfillment of the Passover, as He became the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”  
Tonight, His friends would fall asleep when He needed them most.

Tonight, Jesus would be betrayed by one close to Him.
Tonight, He would be left totally alone, all would desert Him.
Tonight, He would be in such anguish He would sweat drops of blood.
Tonight, He would cry out to the Father to “take this cup” from Him.
And tonight, He would give Himself completely to the will of the Father.  
He knew what lay ahead on Friday.  He knew what was coming.
He didn’t have to accept it.  
But He did.
For you.
For me.
So tonight, as you lay down your head, think about Jesus in the Garden.  Think about the love that He has for you.  Think that He never again lay down His head in rest.  Tonight would be a sleepless night for the Lord.  The night would begin with a feast, and end in chains.  
Tonight, the Passion of our Lord would begin.  

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