The Last Day of the Old Way

There isn’t much to say today. 

The Gospels record nothing of the events of Saturday after the crucifixion of Jesus, appropriately so.  It was the Sabbath, from sundown Friday until sundown today, nothing happened in Israel.  
The stone was rolled over the tomb.  
The disciples were huddled in seclusion behind locked doors.

Nothing happened in Israel this day.
It seemed as if all was lost.  
Ponder the way the disciples felt at this point.  Everything they had come to believe about Jesus seemed to be false.  All their hopes and dreams and faith had been completely crushed in the blood and nails of Calvary’s tree.  Hope?  What hope?  It’s over.  
Nothing happened in Israel on this day, except questions like “how did it go so wrong?”
But Sunday was coming.

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