The Sea Was Angry That Day…

We just got back from a brief respite from the daily grind down at the ocean with my mom and dad.  It was Caroline’s first trip to the big sandbox by the sea, and, quite honestly, she wasn’t very impressed.  The words “Me not like it” were uttered quite frequently by my little soon-to-be 2 year old.  Seems the combination of the roar of the ocean and the grit of the sand were too much for her to take.  She did, by Saturday evening, agree to go down to the ocean with me.  I was able to hold her and get her to dip her toes in the water…once.  But hey, she went.  That’s progress, right?

We had a great time just hanging out with “Nanny and Poppy”, which we don’t get to do nearly enough.  Caroline sure thinks a lot of my mom and dad, and I tend to agree with her.  Just one more way I’m blessed beyond measure.  

The picture above was taken this morning as we left to come home.  You’d have thought a Nor’easter was blowing in.  Not exactly a day to endear me to the coast.  
Me and my family?  I guess we’re just mountain folks.  

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