What a Day That Will Be

I was driving in the car tonight with my beautiful wife, and I had one of those strange lines of thinking pop into my head that, unfortunately for those of you reading this, becomes a blog post.  The thought was:  what will the language of heaven be?  Don’t you ever think about stuff like that when you’re tooling about town?  

I mean, my first thought was “Hebrew…obviously.”  For it was in Hebrew that the OT was written, right?  Surely, THAT’S what we’ll speak in heaven!
But then I thought:  wait a minute, the NT, the revelation of Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of the OT, was written in Greek.  So, maybe we’ll all speak Greek.
But then I thought:  Jesus spoke Aramaic, the language of Judea in His days on earth.  Since He is the Word made flesh, we’ll probably speak Aramaic.
But then I thought:  will we all actually speak the same language, or will we speak our native tongues and all be able to interpret what we hear (a la the day of Pentecost in Acts)?  
But then I thought:  that might make the Pentecostals in heaven gloat a bit, saying they were right all along about the whole tongues thing not just being for the days of the apostles.
So maybe we’ll all just speak the same language.  Maybe we’ll all have an Irish brogue!  Can you imagine?!!  All of us would sound like Bono!  Don’t say you can’t picture the Apostle Peter having an Irish accent!
Or maybe we’ll all speak the King’s English, just like in the King Jimmy Bible.  You know, we’ll say “Thee” and “Thou” and “speakest” and stuff like that.  
But then I thought:  Naw…that would make some of the Baptists gloat that they were right about the whole only one true interpretation of the Bible thing.
Or maybe we’ll all speak Swahili.

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