Monday Monday

I M tired.

We’ve been working like crazy on Saturdays to try and accomplish something at the house we’re supposed to be living in, but all we seem to do is find more things to fix.  It will be a miracle, literally, if we’re ever in that house.
Sunday was a whirlwind.  I think I saw my dad at some point, but I’m not totally sure.  
Today, the bathtub drain decided to stop working.  Spent 1/2 the morning trying to “snake” it.  Broke one snake, but that’s another story.  Ended up paying a plumber to fix it.  Drove to Wilmington for work, but didn’t even see the ocean. Bummer.
I said all that to say this:
God is good.
I have a beautiful wife who is also a great mother to my beautiful daughter.  I have a roof over my head.  I have a j-o=b.  I have a very cool iMac computer ;).  
And I’m a great sinner who has an even greater Savior.  

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