Caroline was in full-blown two-year-old mode tonight when I got home.  She was wide open, which I love, but that usually comes with a distinct refusal to obey in any way, shape or form.  Amanda was about at her wits in, so I came in as “The Enforcer” to settle things down a bit. 

You can about guess how that went, right?  As I was valiantly trying to restore calm at our humble abode, I had the following thoughts:
Why is it that the only time kids hear a call to obedience is when it’s coupled with the threat of punishment?
How come my little girl knows instinctually how to turn on the charm with her dad?
How come in that moment where you’re about to lose it with them, they figure out how to make you laugh?
As I was going through this little dance tonight, I had a thought:  I’m so thankful that the Lord doesn’t lose His patience with me like I can with my little one.  I’m so thankful He’s long suffering, and slow to anger with me, because I’ve done far worse than ignore repeated calls to clean up my toys in the living room.  Look at Israel!  How often did they ignore God’s calls to return, to repent from idolatry and come back to Him?!!  Am I any different?
Yet God is so merciful and gracious to me!  Though I’ve deserved hell, He’s given me heaven through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ!  And though I screw up time and time again, He is continually offering grace, continually calling me to repent and come back to Him.  
So next time my little one is ignoring a clear call to obey, maybe I’ll remember that she gets it honest.

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