A Curve in the Road

The road we call life can be quite the metaphor.   There are definite times of straightaway, when I can set it on cruise and chill.  Those times when everything I touch turns up roses, and when everything always falls into place.  No arguments with the wife.  No trouble at work.  Playing all the right notes.  Saying all the right things.  

Then there are the slight turns, the ones where I really don’t have to take the cruise off, but Ido anyway, just to be safe.  It’s when something that I thought was a given turns out to be a not-so-much.  Or when I think there’s plenty of money left for the end of the month, only to find out that the new album on iTunes will have to wait.  These are the turns when I can still see what’s ahead because the turn is not really that sharp.  They’re really just slight variations from the normal, straight road.
But every so often, on the road of life, I come to a curve where I can’t see what’s beyond the bend.  At these times, I usually tap the brakes, take my foot off the gas, and put both hands on the wheel, because I don’t know what’s coming the other way.  It could be wide open road with a view unlike any other I’ve seen before.  
Or it could be a Mack truck.
But that’s the rush, right?  When life curves, at least I know it’s not going to stay exactly the same.  Change is scary, but it can also be the best thing that’s ever happened.
I’m heading into one of those curves this week, and I’m not sure what’s on the other side.  I’m interviewing for a teaching job, something I’ve never done before, but something that (as my brother would say) is right in my wheelhouse.  I’m talking total career change here, unlike my last job shift from one branch of sales to another.  It’s scary, and it’s exhilarating.  
So we’ll see what’s on the other side.  Pray for me, if you think of it.  
And when you face a curve, don’t fear.  Grip the wheel and take it as it comes.

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