Second Chances

Andy over at Lifevesting wrote a really good post about the “Principle of Abundance“, and one of his comments in said post got me thinking.  Andy was writing about how we only get one life to live, and we best not waste that one shot.  I say “Amen, and amen!”  We are given but one life on this mortal coil, and I can think of no greater tragedy than wasting it.  

To that point, John Piper has a great quote on his wall that reads:
“Only one life, twill soon be past,
Only what’s done for Christ will last.”
Anyone who has been around the Perch for a while knows that this is a familiar topic of conversation here, but in light of all that has transpired with life around here in the past few weeks, I couldn’t help being grateful anew for the fact that, though we only get one life to live, God is a God of second chances.  
And third.
And fourth.
And so on.
I know.
He’s given me quite a few.  
But man, how I’ve wasted most of them.  Now, on the verge of a completely new direction in life and one more chance, I find myself overjoyed and supremely grateful for all He’s done for me and in me.  And I want to make the most of this chance.  I want to put all I can into it.  I want to take the talents He’s given me and give Him back double return.  
I don’t want to hide them in the dirt.
So Andy, thanks for getting me thinking and being thankful.
And everybody out there, LIVE!  We only have one shot!

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