Anybody Got a Light?

Our local paper ran this article today about U.S. trade with Iran.  If you’re like me, your response to that last sentence runs along the lines of “We trade with Iran?  But aren’t they in the ‘axis of evil’ or something like that?”  

Yes, crazy as it sounds, we do, in fact, have a trade relationship with Iran.  The philosophy behind it is “Hey, we don’t like the regime there, but we like the people, and we want them to like us.  So, since they live under said repressive regime, we’ll allow them to have access to some of the best America has to offer! That way, they’ll want to be more like us and throw off the bonds of tyranny!” 
Obviously, to accomplish this, we must be sending some really awesome stuff their way.  Things like sulphate, and Frigidaires, and cigarettes. 
Lots and lots of cigarettes.  
Exports of cigs to Iran are more than any other product sent, over $158 million worth!  So, while we’re in the midst of a huge effort to stamp out smoking in America, we’re sending millions of cancer sticks to Iran!  
Hmmmm…maybe the government has a plan in this after all.  

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