A Decade Worth of Memories

Tomorrow, my lovely wife and I celebrate our 10th anniversary.  

A decade together.  

It’s hard to believe ten years have past since we said “I do.”  On the one hand, it has flown by so stinkin’ quickly.  On the other, I can’t remember what life was like without the other half of me.  Jesus wasn’t kidding when He said “the two shall become one flesh.”  It’s real.  I’ve never been the same, and I’m sure she’d say so, too.
A lot has happened in 10 years.  We’ve had ups, and we’ve had downs.  We’ve had expectations that got crushed, and we’ve had our wildest dreams come true.  
And I wouldn’t change a thing.
Except maybe for that whole “cut the cord” comment, but that’s another story.
Happy 10th, babe!  I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow!

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