I Thought I Was Tired Last Week…

To every teacher who has ever been given grief for having the summer off by anyone:

You deserve every second of it.
I thought I knew what tired was…ha!!!!  I’ve never been this exhausted in my life!  And it’s only day 2!!!!!  I do know this:  I had a CAKE job for the last 12 years!  
But I don’t miss it, and I wouldn’t trade a thing.  Yeah, it’s tough.  A lot tougher than I thought.  But it’s also more rewarding that anything I’ve ever done and gotten paid to do.  The kids the Lord has blessed me with are amazing!  And the staff around me are absolutely phenomenal.  Once more, God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.
Dreams…ever been too tired to dream?  That’s me right now.
Everybody, go thank your teachers.  Trust me.  They’ve earned it.

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