Why I Love My New Job

Ok, a real post for the first time since I started my “real” job.

This week was our first full, five day week since I started teaching.  And let me just say again:  I now realize I have never really had a j-o-b before.  This stuff is work.  To all you teachers out there:  you my peeps now.  I get it.  I really do.
Anyway, it was actually a really good week.  I gave my first quiz (power…POWER!!!), and I also issued my first warnings (again, POWER!!).  I made one kid cry, which in turn about made me cry, and I got sick.  Welcome to the teaching profession, right?
Well, as most of you know, part of my job at the school is to lead worship for our chapel services.  This week, we had the first official chapel, and quite honestly, I didn’t know what to expect.  From what I had heard, I had my work cut out for me.  Tough crowd might be an understatement.
But you know what?  When God shows up, it doesn’t matter.
And He showed up.  
Big time.
I was sick Thursday, sinus-draining like a champ, but amazingly, for about an hour, I had total clarity in my voice.  I had the privilege of standing in front of those kids and leading them in worship of their God and Savior, and it was amazing.  Not me….no, definitely not me!  But hearing these kids sing!  What a blessing to be a part of that!  What an honor that the Lord would allow me to hear them sing like that!  
Plus, it was pretty cool seeing the look on my kids’ faces when I stood up and grabbed my guitar.  They had no clue!
But more than anything, the coolest thing to happen was when my boss, and their superintendent, shared the gospel and 8 middle school kids gave their hearts to the Lord that morning.  And then, as he opened up the altar to anyone to come down, 10-15 high school kids came down front to pray and weep before the Lord.
And I had to stand up there and try to lead them in a closing song.  THAT was not easy.  I was about to lose control at this point!  But God was moving.  After a crazy first few weeks that included a lot of crazy stuff for my boss to deal with, it was awesome to finally be doing the things that God called us there to do:  to tell these kids about Jesus.  To tell them about His love for them.  And to see the light bulb come on in their hearts.
THAT’S why I love my job.  

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