The Fickle Nature of Fans

My pa-in-law took us to the NC State game tonight, and I got a fresh
reminder of how fickle sports fans, and humans in general, are.

Daniel Evans, seemingly one of the finest young men around, the kind
of guy you hope and pray comes home to ask permission to date your
daughter, started at quarterback for the Pack.

When he didn't lead a 95 yard scoring drive on the first series, he
was booed.

When he threw a pick, he was booed.

When he was sacked, he was booed.

And when he was replaced, the crowd gave a standing ovation to the new
quarterback. Then they applauded the new quarterback for an

I wonder what it must feel like for that young man to hear 57,000
people booing him.

I wonder how it feels to have people question your ability, and even
your manhood, all because you don't play up to their expectations.

All I know is, that young man was on the front of the sideline,
cheering on his team. He didn't sulk. He didn't whine. He supported
his team.

Which is more than I can say for the 57000 in the stands.

It's a game, folks. Played by kids. These are not million dollar
athletes. These are kids.

Grow up and be men. And women.

Support your team, win or lose.

As I write this, those same fans are screaming in adoration for a

Ahhhh….the fickle nature of the sport fan.

Reminds me of politics.

But that's another post for another day.

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