I Remember…Do you?

Seven years pass so quickly.  Yet, just as quickly as they pass, we are quick to forget.  

I remember.
Do you?
Do you remember why we’re in this war?  Do you remember what they tried to do to us?
Cripple us.
Defeat us.
Scare us.
Divide us.
I remember.   
Do you?
Do you remember getting that phone call?  Do you remember watching, in horror, as the events unfolded before the eyes of the world.  Do you remember the shock as the news became ever more clear, just what had transpired this day, seven years ago?
I remember.
Do you?
I remember the Carolina blue sky that day, eerily quiet once all air traffic was grounded.
I remember sitting glued to my tv for hours, anxious for my wife to get home from work.
I remember the anger.
I remember the sadness.
I remember.
Do you?
I remember a country united.  I remember a country on her knees in prayer.  I remember flags on every car.  I remember the flag they raised at Ground Zero, and the one they unfurled over the Pentagon’s damaged wall.
I remember.
Do you?
I remember how we stood as one people.  I remember how we said the cost of winning didn’t matter.  I remember how truth and justice and the American way were more important than the cost of oil and the sagging dollar.
I remember how they tried to take out our economy, our army, and our government, all in one fell swoop.
I remember how we declared to the enemy that we were not that easily beaten.
I remember the hurt.  I remember the pain.  I remember the funerals.  I remember the towers as they fell.  I remember….
I remember…
Do you?

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