Prosperity? Just not the way you might think!

Anybody that’s been around the Perch for a while has heard me get on my soapbox about the whole “Name it and Claim it” brand of Christianity popular by many TV evangelists/superstars today.  

If you’re new, here it is in a nutshell:  it’s bunk.

I was thinking today about Jesus’ call on my life.  10 years ago this month, I “felt” (for how else can I say it.  Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but that’s the only word I can use) God call me back to music.  I had drifted away from music, and from Him (not necessarily in that order), and I remember driving down a country road, going to sell furniture, and being so overwhelmed I had to pull over and weep.  I really can’t describe it accurately enough here, but it definitely made a mark on me.  
If you know me, you also know how foolishly I acted in the immediate wake of that wake up call.  I was convinced God was calling me to be a drummer in a successful band, to tour the world and make money!  Yes!  All for His glory, of course!
What God did was use my love for music to draw me, slowly, achingly slowly, back to Him.  Through trial, through tribulation, through struggle, through failure, through the love of my wife and family, through a pastor that met with me when I was in theological crisis, to a friend that discipled (and still disciples me) through the Bible, God began to renew my heart and mind, to transform me more into His image.
And He’s still working.
So how does this all tie into the prosperity gospel, you ask?
Because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am doing what He has for me to do, that I am in the place that He has called me and my family to, that I am right where I need to be, that I am in His will for us.
And I’m earning less than I ever have.  
But you know what?  It doesn’t matter.  To myself or my wife.  There are things more important than money, and He’s teaching me that too.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, if He chooses to let me with the Powerball (through an anonymously donated ticket, of course!), I’ll gladly accept!  But riches and fame are NOT necessarily signs of His approval.  
Jesus never promised us a bed of roses.  He never promised us a 2 story house, a Mercedes in every driveway, a white picket fence or perfect  children.
No, He promised us that we would, indeed, have tribulation (trouble) in this world.
Wow, thanks, eh?
But He didn’t stop there.  Greater than any creature comfort, greater than any toy or gadget we could want, greater than anything this world has to offer, we have this promise:
“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[fn4] have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  (John 16:33

And folks, that’s more than enough for me.

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