One Day, I’ll Be Able To Blog Again

I just looked at my last post, and realized it was 2 weeks ago.  Not sure there’s even a point to keeping this thing up and running right now.  Life is just too crazy.  But something really cool happened this week at school.  We got completely off track in Science class, I got nothing done that I intended to get done, spent all class talking about the end times.

And a young girl gave her heart to Jesus in the end.
That was a good day.
Spent all day painting the house (BIG thanks to Dave, Chris, and E for coming out and slapping paint on the walls, ceilings, and me).  Done with the priming.  Hoping to be done with the top coats next week.  Might actually be in this thing this month.  
I’m going to sleep.
Hasta sometima.

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