Only One Night Left

Barring an act of God, this is our last night as three:  dad, mom, and baby C.  Tomorrow or, at the latest, Tuesday, we will be four.  

Of course, I know we’re already four.  Have been for, oh, 9 months now.  But four will be here tomorrow, in the flesh, and in stereo.  And while I can’t wait, it’s still strange, in a very strange way.  I still can’t imagine having more than one.  I can’t imagine loving another child like I love Caroline.  I worry that I won’t be able to love like I do, because how can you have enough to go around?  How can I love another like I love that little one I just put to bed and sang “Jesus Loves Me” to?
I know:  every dad reading this has felt the same way.  
But I still wonder.
So tonight, I go to sleep with these things in mind.  I can’t wait to hold my 2nd daughter, to kiss her, to see her face, to have her little fingers wrapped around mine.  I can’t wait to see Caroline’s face when she finally gets to meet her baby sister.  I can’t wait to see the joy on Amanda’s face as she becomes a mother X 2.  
But that’s tomorrow.  Tonight, it’s just the three of us.

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