Two Reasons I’m Thankful

Two of my three girls, catching some zzzzzz’s. Two of the multitude of reasons I have to give continual thanks all year long.

See my wife?  She could have given up on me 12 years ago when I acted like a dork on our first date.  But did she?  Obviously not.  And she’s had numerous chances to give up on me since.  
But she’s always there…right by my side.  
See that precious girl?  A test told us that she was at risk for Downs Syndrome.  
She’s now 2 weeks old, and healthy as can be.  A continual reminder of the faithfulness of God in my life.
Off camera is reason #3, snoozing in her own bed.  
“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.  His steadfast love endures forever.”

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