Just When You Thought It Was Safe

I thought the major project portion of the house was over.

Silly me.
I got a phone call at school today from my wife, in hysterics, screaming that the sink had exploded and the house was ruined.  As I tried to picture in my mind what was going on, I was also trying mightily to keep my cool so as not to add any more fuel to the fire.  Bless her heart…Amanda was as upset as I’ve ever seen her.  Between shouts of “I can’t get it to stop!” and “Everything is RUINED!!!” I tried to get to explain how to shut off the water in the house.
Thank God for these things, though:  
One, I work at an awesome school, and the administration told me to get home and they would find someone to handle my classes.  
Two, one of our new neighbors, who just “happened” to pass by as Amanda was running around the yard screaming, is married to a plumber.  He was there in 5 minutes.
Three, it could have been a LOT worse.
So what happened?  A valve blew off the hot water line to the sink, turning our kitchen into “Old Faithful” for 15 minutes.  Said kitchen was floored with laminate flooring (which had been put down TWICE by myself).  Let me just tell you:  laminate and water DO NOT MIX.  So now our once smooth floor resembles a pier from the 1700s, and will have to be replaced from the kitchen all the way through the den, foyer, and hallway.  
Yeah, I thought I was done.  Silly, silly Newt.

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