A Day for All Kinds of History


No matter how you slice it, today was historic.  

An African-American ascended to the White House, breaking a 2 century old barrier.  And for the 44th time, our nation has peacefully and amicably (mostly) changed leaders.  If you study history at ALL, that is simply astounding.  Bush didn’t barricade himself in the Oval Office and shout “You’ll never catch me alive, Obama!!!”  No, the switch was made over coffee and pleasantries, it seems.  Historic.
President Obama placed his hand on a Bible used to swear Abraham Lincoln into office over 140 years ago.  On the day after we celebrate the life of a man who played a huge role in breaking down the racial barriers between black and white, our president was sworn in using the Bible of the president responsible for dealing a fatal blow to slavery.  Historic, indeed.
Millions stood outside on a cold, blustery day in D.C. to see the swearing in of our new president.  I myself watched it from the comfort of my office on Facebook (technology is amazing) because we still have no cable at the new digs.  As I watched, I was able to see what others around the world were saying.   Words full of hope, joy, excitement…all surrounding one man.  Obama looked like a man that the weight of the world just descended upon (while Bush looked decidedly relieved, if you ask me), and no wonder.  With the expectations placed upon him, the man has considerable promise to live up to.  Historic promises and historic expectations.
On a seemingly unrelated note, we got snow today!  Quite a bit, for our neck of the woods.  4-6 inches was enough to keep our school closed and give me a “snow day” at home with my kids.  This was Caroline’s first real snow, and we took full advantage.  A couple of trips out to play in the fluffiness.  We even made snow cream.  It was a perfect powder…not so good for snow balls or snowmen, but she didn’t care.  So, for us, today was historic in other ways, too.  
I try to look for places everyday to share the gospel with my daughter, and today God gave me a beautiful white canvas to work on.  As we stared out at it today, getting ready to head out and play, I told Caroline that Jesus is like the snow.  She looked at me like I was nuts, but I told her how, when we sin, it makes us dirty in God’s eyes (holy eyes that they are).  But Jesus, I told her, makes us “whiter than snow” in God’s eyes (Isaiah 1:18).  
I know she doesn’t get it yet.  Heck, do I really get the true importance of those words?  No way.  
But tonight, as I thought about all that transpired today, I couldn’t help but think that the only real hope that there is, for ANY of us, is the fact that someone cleans the slate, takes away all the muck and filth that we’ve done and makes us whiter than snow.  The only hope for this nation, for this world, is not found in a man, but in the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.  The only hope for Obama, me, you, and my daughter is the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world, for my sins and yours.  Historic beyond all else.
Indeed, though your sins be as scarlet, He will make them whiter than snow. 
He will make them history.
God bless everybody.  And God bless America.

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