Perch Remodeling Redeux

Well, I was going to write something deep and profound tonight…but relax, Ted, I don’t have it in me!  But I did change a few things at the Perch.  You’ll probably notice I took down the “Spud of the Week” feature.  Sadly, it seems Caroline is just not as into ol’ Mr. Potato Head like she used to be.  She’s growing up so fast, folks!  It just blows my mind.  So, it’s down for now because the pic that was there had been up for about 6 months!  

I also changed the books that I’ve been reading, since I have in fact moved on to different books some time back!  If you’re interested in some light reading on the Atonement of our sins in the Blood of Jesus, “In My Place, Condemned He Stood”  is an amazing treatment of the price our Savior paid to stand in our place and take our punishment.  Wow.  There’s also C.J. Mahaney’s “The Cross Centered Life”, an awesome little book to bring our focus back to the main thing: the Gospel.  And if you’re into apologetics, my friend Kevin recommended “I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist” to me, and I’m really enjoying it.  
Lastly, I added a list of albums I’m listening to right now.  I’ve loved Andrew Peterson forever, and his latest “Resurrection Letters Vol. II” is a great album full of acoustic driven songs about…resurrection!  Jill Phillips has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard, and she’s a poet to go along with it.  Highly recommend that one.  And then there’s Blake Hicks, a guy I’d never heard of until recently, and his album that was inspired by “The Confessions of St. Augustine.”  I love that book, and I love this album.  Very original stuff.  Well, he got the ideas from a 1600 year old book, but the songs are original!
I’m tired (there’s a shock), and I’m looking forward to the weekend and a bit of rest.  Maybe I can put the waders on then.  Thanks for reading!

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