Blank Canvas

This morning, I awoke to this sight, and the news that we were on a two-hour delay for school.  That’s almost better than a snow day, because you don’t have to make it up!  After I chilled out and enjoyed the calm of a house full of sleeping girls, I started the drive to work.

There’s something about a freshly fallen snow…how it affects us.  The sky had turned Carolina blue, and the sun was out in full force.  As the fields of powder reflected it back, I was amazed at how clean it all looked.  

I kept thinking about Isaiah 1:18, and how Jesus’ blood cleanses us from our sins and all their stains, as if they were white as snow. 

The world was clean and crisp and new today, much like we are when we’ve been washed in the Blood of the Lamb.  We are blank slates, waiting to be written on.  Made new, for a new purpose.
Are you washed?

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