Screw Ups

Ask people what the Bible is, and you’ll get varying answers of one kind or another.  To some, it’s full of stories that are just that…stories.  Some see it as a book on advice (how to “get rich God’s way).  Others (like me), believe it to be the infallible Word of God that is there to tell us the story of redemption.

But did you ever realize just how real the book is?  Do you ever stop to think about just how many failures and screw ups there are in there?  From Adam (no introduction necessary) to Abraham (told Pharaoh his wife was his sister…ooops!), to Isaac (ditto), to Jacob (liar, conniver, birthright stealer), to David (murdered and adulterer), to Peter (abandoner of Christ), and everywhere in between, Scripture is full of failures.  
And I am so thankful.
You see, time and time again, God proves that His ways are not our ways, and that His thoughts are above ours.  It’s a very clear sign of the authenticity of the book by the way.  I mean, who builds a religion on the failures of its adherents?  Me?  I’d have come up with a way for us to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps and save the day!  
But God…God isn’t like me.  Thanks to Him!
God says “Yeah, you’re a screw up and a failure, Abraham, but through you, all the generations of the earth will be blessed.”
God says, “Yeah, David, you messed up big time, but through you the promised Messiah will come and sit on the throne forever!”
God says, “Yeah, Pete, you left me high and dry in my moment of deepest need.  But that’s ok.  I know you’re just a man.  But you, Pete, will help to build my church.  So get up and go.”
God says, “Yeah, Mattie, you messed up.  Again.  But it’s not about you.  It’s about Me.  So get up and tell people about Me!  Tell them about what I’ve done for you, and Abe, and Pete, and Dave, and Jake!  Tell them that I KNOW they can’t do it on their own!  That’s why I came and did it FOR them!!!!!”
If we put our trust in ourselves, our heroes, our politicians, our armies, our intelligence, our technology, our families…we will ALWAYS be disappointed.  
Because they are all sinners. 
Just like me. 
 Just like you.  
The good news is not that we can overcome it and become better and do all this or that on our own.  The good news is not that we can have our “best life now.”  
The good news is that we can NEVER overcome it, apart from Christ, and (this is the best part, by the way):
Man, that makes me want to dance a jig.  If that doesn’t get you excited, check your pulse.  
So what’s next?  Living your life in constant gratitude and joy at what He’s done for you.  
Yeah, you’re a screw up.  Join the crowd.

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