This is gross, I know, but bear with me…

Forgive the graphic image, but this was the back of my leg Saturday
morning. A week prior, this looked like a pimple. Uhhhhhh…not so
much by Saturday! Also, my leg is swollen twice the size of the
other. Note to readers: if you EVER have something like this, stop
what you're doing, and go to the doctor as fast a you can. Trust me.

Seems I have MRSA, a version of staph infection that is highly
resistant to antibiotics. Mean stuff. Saturday, the doc spent about an
hour cutting and pushing on my leg to get it out. Not fun. Hopefully,
that coupled with antibiotic injections, pills, and lots of prayer
will clear it up.

But it got me thinking…

This thing is just like sin. It starts small (a quick glance, a little
bend of the truth, a quick nip of the bottle). So small, you might not
even notice it. Then, after a while, it starts to itch. So you scratch
it. Bad move. That just makes it worse. It starts to grow, consuming
more and more if you as you seek to feed it.

Eventually, one of two things must happen. You must either undergo
radical methods to extricate the infection totally, so that none

Or it kills you.

Take it from me: let the Healer cut it out, no matter how much it

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