The Silliness of Idolatry

And now, a Bible lesson from a three year old.

Tonight in our bedtime routine, Caroline and I were reading about the people of Israel bowing down to the golden calf (for the unfamiliar, see Exodus 32:1-8). Her little Bible has this old school pic of the people all bowing down to the metallic bovine (not unlike the one above). I told her how they were worshipping this thing instead of the God that had delivered them through an ocean, and was now visibly present on the mountain top in front of them.
Her response?
“That’s silly, daddy! Those people are worshipping a tow!” (Read “tow” as “cow” with a “t”)
Exactly, baby girl. Silly indeed. She gets it. Do we?
How unbelievably silly are our own golden calves? Is it pornography? Money? Power? Prestige? Alcohol? Hobbies? TV? Books? Knowledge? Whatever they are, they are the modern equivalent of worshipping an inanimate cow made up to look impressive. They can do nothing to save us. They are worthless idols.
Let’s tear ’em down folks. And with Caroline, let’s remember how silly it is to worship a “tow.”

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