By God’s Grace…

Well, year one is in the books. I made it!

By God’s grace alone!
The first year of a new career ended today, and it was both sweet and bitter (Big Head Todd reference for ya, Bub). While I am so very glad to have it behind me, and to have two months of freedom in front of me, at the same time it was hard saying goodbye to my kids. Some will be back in the next grade, but it won’t be the same. Next year, they’ll be K-Max’s kids, not mine. Others will be off to new schools in other towns and states. My time with them is done, though, and that’s harder than I thought it would be.
My prayer is that I served them well. I pray that I did more good than harm. I pray that I pointed them to Christ. I pray that they saw in me a man totally dependent upon Jesus every moment of every day. I know they saw a teacher who was far from perfect. I just hope they saw the Savior that held him up every day.
I understand more clearly now why James said “not many of you should be teachers, my brothers” (James 3:1)! It is a huge undertaking, and while I did not go in blindly, just like parenthood, nothing can prepare you for what being in that classroom is like every day!
Thank You, Lord, for getting me through! By Your grace alone did I make it! Anything good that happened this year, it’s from You! Anything bad, well…that’s my fault entirely!
My first class have moved on, and I’ll have a fresh group in a few months. So tonight, I rest knowing that there are no lesson plans to do, no tests to grade, no e-mails to write to parents, no phone calls to make…tonight, I rest.

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