The View From Up Above

We made it to the end of thw Grandfather Mountain Trail today. It
crosses the entire summit ledge of three peaks It took us three hours
and twenty minutes of hiking to go two and a half miles .

Now, before you go all "I do double that on my super duper treadmill",
let me assure you: no you don't. It is nearly three miles of rocks,
boulders, ladders, and cables that will, as my daughter likes to say,
"burn your tail up!".

There were spots where we were hand over hand climbing straight up a
jagged rock ledge, and others where you are trying not to eat it while
going down.

My buddy K-Max called one part "The Razor's Edge: Precipace of
Death.". He said he'd never hiked anything that hard, and the man has
done Pikes Peak. 'Nuff said.

But oh my Lord! The views!!! It was worth every ache and pain I now
feel. I saw some of the most beautiful panoramic views I've ever
seen. We had gorgeous 68 degree weather, and no rain.

So yesterday, we were in re valley, and today we were on the peak.
Hmmmm…there's a blog in there somewhere!!!

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